The curtain falls. The clock runs out on pursuit of Nazi war criminals.

Seventy years after the end of World War II, the clock has run out for the hunters of Nazi war criminals.  The executioners of the Holocaust–be they executives or prison guards–are in their 90’s, too frail or too senile to face justice.  If competent to stand trial, they are too old to survive a full term in prison.  The curtain falls.


The Nazi Hunters (Simon and Schuster) by former Newsweek foreign correspondent Andrew Nagorski is an retrospective of government officials—in the United States, Germany, Poland and Israel—and free lancers–in France, Austria and the United States— who pursued the lonely battle for justice when the West wanted to forget the Holocaust and focus on the Cold War.

At times the book is exciting as it describes the capture of Adolf Eichmann, and escape of major war criminals to Egypt and South America, never to be caught.


Andrew Nagorski

Nagorski writes about the rivalries between free lance Nazi hunters, who at times, exaggerated their significance, even if intended to put fear of exposure to their targets.

This book is easy to read.  It is an excellent starter for readers just getting into the story of the Holocaust.



Solstice Philadelphia 2014

It’s that glorious time again.


In 1986, SEPTA killed the Route 53 trolley.  One thousand years from now, archaeologists will find this plate from the former owner of the transit lines, Philadelphia Rapid Transit, at the Carpenter Loop.


A block down Carpenter Lane, the flowers of summer never died.


The harsh rays cast severe shadows on the hills of Manayunk.

Solstice is two weeks away.  Eat your heart out Australia.  Life must be boring for photographers south of the Tropic of Capricorn.