Murder Hollywood Style. Life will never be that free again.


Murder Hollywood Style by Carol Branston (First Edition Design Publishing) is set in the early 1970’s. It is about the hot nightlife in New York, Los Angeles, Rome and London, in the pre-AIDS days when there was no limit to drugs, alcohol, and all varieties of sex.


Three people are murdered and in each case the killer gets away.

The story takes place before the internet, texting, cel phones, Facebook and Homeland Security. The killer is able to fly from New York to Los Angeles while carrying the murder weapon.

Life will never be that free again.


Will the real Governor please stand up? Georgia at the brink.

The Three Governors Controversy, Skullduggery, Machinations, and the Decline of Georgia’s Progressive Politics by Charles S. Bullock III, Scott E. Buchanan and Ronald Keith Gaddie (University of Georgia Press) is an entertaining and enlightening study of Southern politics at its worst.

 Three Governors Controversy

The book is centered on the political life of Eugene Talmadge, a three term governor from a rural part of the state. Talmadge was a populist in the most corrupt sense of the word, playing the resentment of the poor farmers against the urban elites, the county political machines against the cities, and whites against Blacks.

Talmadge and his allies maintained power through the white primary and the county unit rule. Until banned by the Federal courts, the Georgia Democratic party ran the primary election and barred Blacks from participating. The primary was not decided by the popular vote, but by the county unit system which was akin to the Electoral College. Each county had a set number of unit votes. The units awarded to the rural counties were far in excess of their proportion of the population. In the 1946 primary, Talmadge lost the popular vote, but won the county unit vote.

Despite efforts by local authorities to strike Blacks from the voting rules, some Blacks were able to vote in the general election. But in one party Georgia, Black votes did not matter since all races were decided in the white primary.

Eugene Talmadge

In 1946, Eugene Talmadge tried in final comeback. After winning the white primary, his health declined. His supporters conspired to make his son, Herman the Governor if Eugene died before being sworn in. Eugene Talmadge died December 21, 1946, triggering a three way struggle for the Governor’s office. Georgia became the joke of the nation.

Shooting for the Stars: A subplot of intergenerational conflict when newspaper morphs to website

cover62693-mediumNew York journalist R. G. Belsky has written another thriller, following his widely acclaimed  The Kennedy Connection.   Shooting for the Stars (Atria) is another tale about Gil Malloy, a fabled but flawed investigative reporter for the New York Daily News.   Malloy solves the mystery of the death of a movie star three decades earlier and links it to the recent murder of a TV talk show personality.  This great read involves the mob.  What more has to be said.


R. G. Belsky

Most interesting is the subplot–the conflict between Malloy and his supervising editor.  The editor, half a generation younger and female, has the mission of building the Daily News’ online presence.  Malloy tries to be the classic crime reporter.   Belsky–once managing editor of the Daily News–describes the decline of dead tree newspapers and their replacement by the digital media.

Get ready for a surprise ending and a great read.  Shooting for the Stars will be released on August 11.