Recommitted to film photography

Yesterday, more than three weeks after the Jewish New Year, I finally made my Resolution.   I recommitted to film photography.

Today, I broke out my Minolta SRT-101, a REAL camera I bought in 1970 through mail order from Kinefoto, Ltd. in Hong Kong.   My collaborator, hardboiled novelist Zoey San Clemente, and I did a powerwalk in the Morris Arborteum, shooting the SRT-101 along the way.  

I put into the camera a new Wein battery, designed to substitute for the now illegal Mercury battery designed for SLRs of that era.  The battery worked, but the light meter failed one third of the time.  Fortunately, I had downloaded a light meter App to my iPhone which performed excellently.  I learned about the App and the coolness of film photography from the Film Photography Podcast which I highly recommended.

As we slowly powerwalked through the Morris Arboretum, I snapped shot after shot of the foliage (almost all the leaves were in place).  The sweet sound of the SLR, the mirror retracting and the shutter snapping.

As we headed toward the parking lot, I saw a man with a Sony DSLR.  Small world.  Minolta married Konica.  When KonicaMinolta withdrew from the camera business it sold its digital technology to Sony.  My camera is the great-grandfather of his.